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welcome to Strato Language Services

Our language specialists have a minimum of
10 years’ experience in Translations, Interpretation,
Transcription and the Application of Appeal Records.

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Strato Language Services

brief background of our history

Strato Language Services is a multidisciplinary transcription and translation company that was founded and built on the premise of providing quality language solutions to a broad base of clients. Our areas of specialty lie in Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Appeal Record Preparation, Multilingual Communication and Braille.

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our services

Translation Services

Strato Language Services will use our expertise and fluency to work for whatever purpose you need. We are staffed with 2,500 expert linguists and can translate to and from 500 languages.

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Interpretation Services RSI

Strato Language Services has a staff of hundreds of qualified professionals who are adept at several methods of interpretation and can work at a variety of functions.

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Minute Taking Services

There are several reasons why you may need minutes that precisely reflect topics discussed and what has been said.

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Record Appeal Preparation

It is worthwhile to have these appellate briefs prepared by professionals since these documents must contain exactly the right details and be meticulously formatted.

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Transcription Services

Strato Language Services employs accurate typists well-versed in a variety of fields and seasoned editors who format an attractive, engaging text that accurately reflects the original recording.

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Localization Services

Communication is global. We see this in how we communicate on social media to how we do business. For example, global marketing used to be a priority of only multi-national 

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About us

Strato Language Services is a multidisciplinary transcription and translations company that was founded and built on the premise of providing quality language solutions to a broad base of clients.

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33 Ballyclare Drive, Ballywoods Office Park, Cedarwood House, Johannesburg

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