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Minute Taking

If you need an accurate record of meetings, minute-taking services are the answer. There are several reasons why you may need minutes that precisely reflect topics discussed and what has been said. Many people require written records of official conversations for public records. Companies may need exact statements written down to establish intellectual property.

Strato Language Services provides expert minute-taking for every type of meeting. Having in-person minute taking, or minutes written in real-time remotely are some options available. Consult with Strato Language Services about a range of minute-taking solutions available to you.

What Minute Taking Services Involve

Minute-taking services involve hiring a third-party to write down what is said in meetings. It can be the most accurate record available and can eliminate any potential disputes about what was said or who came up with an idea first.

Our experts will transcribe conversations in real-time during a meeting and will make extra notes or include context or formatting. Some minute takers are present in person and others may take minutes remotely through video conferencing. The minutes will be checked thoroughly following the meeting and will be presented to you soon after the meeting has concluded.

Benefits of Minute Taking Services

Many situations require minutes that provide an accurate record of what was said. There isn’t always time to transcribe a meeting after it has been recorded, because minutes often need to be filed within a few hours after a meeting has concluded. Meetings that have legal import should be written down verbatim to give an accurate record of what was said. When a witness provides testimony, every word counts.

Also, when businesses discuss issues of an agreement, it can be crucial to know what statements were said by whom when and in what phase of the agreement. Minutes can demonstrate the evolution of an agreement and establish who came up with an idea first.

Minute taking can eliminate disagreements and resolve doubt. Collaborations can go so quickly that it can be hard to establish the origins of an idea. Also, some points or problems might have been brought up at the meeting only to be forgotten in a few minutes. Keeping a record will ensure that no points were forgotten or time was wasted.

What You Should Look for in a Professional Minute Taking Service

When selecting a minute-taking service, you will need a company that has a solid reputation for accuracy with a prompt turnaround. If you need someone there in person, someone can be sent, depending on the location. For remote minute-taking, make sure they are well-versed in technology so that not a second word will be missed.

Work with a company that uses well-trained transcriptionists and those who can comprehend the minutes they are drawing up. Also, look for those that have high-quality editing and formatting services and have a prompt turnaround. Ensure that your confidentiality will be respected and that information will not be disclosed to outside parties.

The Strato Language Services Minute Taking Process

The Strato Language Service approach to minute taking ensures high quality and fast service. We employ trained and experienced transcriptionists who are adept at recording direct statements made at meetings in real-time with word-perfect accuracy.

Our minutes are edited carefully for accuracy, formatted, and sent to you within hours of the meeting. We can provide several options for minute-taking and after a consultation, we can provide a service that best suits your needs.

Consult with Strato Language Service and to determine what type of minute-taking service is right for your meeting. We have an expert staff of transcriptionists, editors, and editors who will produce perfect texts delivered soon after the meeting. Our minutes will perfectly reflect your meeting and provide a reliable account for your records.

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