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For conferences, courts, and business meetings with participants who speak several languages, interpretation services are a must. Strato Language Services has a staff of hundreds of qualified professionals who are adept at several methods of interpretation and can work at a variety of functions. We maintain very high standards of service and have prompt, personable interpreters for any event.

Strato Language Services not only provides interpreters but interpretation equipment that can be rented affordably for your upcoming event. We provide interpretation for conferences, meetings, and court hearings with different styles such as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Conference and Meeting Interpreting

If you are sponsoring a large conference or a small meeting, Strato Language Services will provide interpreters for your event. For conferences, we can also provide equipment that can ensure everyone will be heard clearly. We not only have a team of interpreters who are fluent in both languages, but have a personable manner and pleasant speaking style.

For meetings and conferences of any size, your speakers’ message will be communicated and will be understood clearly by all attendees. We offer interpretation services for two or more languages in real-time so all audience members will comprehend instantly what is said.

Court Interpreting

In legal proceedings, communication is essential. Not only do you need interpreters to convey information and translate in real-time, but in some areas, they will need legal certification as well as knowledge of legal procedures so they can interpret accurately.

Strato Language Services has a team of court interpreters with special certification and vast knowledge and experience with legal issues. We provide experts where you need them and in time for your court date. Legal cases must be understood by all parties, and our interpreters will ensure that this is the case.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Our interpreters are well-versed in several types of techniques, including simultaneous interpreting. As the term suggests, this involves interpreting in real-time. This is the best type of interpretation for major conferences or large organizations during which everyone needs to understand what is said right away. Also, it allows the speaker to continue without delay.

Simultaneous interpretation is also a great solution for events that are overcrowded with those at the back who are unable to hear properly. Providing this service will allow everyone to understand what is said at a large conference and meeting.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting, as opposed to simultaneous interpreting, is characterized by a slight delay after the speaker says something and the interpreter provides the translation of the speech. This is best suited for smaller meetings, but it can be appropriate for large conferences if the speeches are relatively short. Strato Language Services provides high-quality sound systems so the speech of the interpreter and speaker sounds distinct and clear.

Interpreting Equipment Rental

In addition to providing expert interpreters, Strato Languages Services provides equipment rental. Our high-quality equipment will allow all voices to be heard clearly. You can rent our equipment at reasonable rates. Our team of technicians will make setting up, taking down, and operating the equipment easy. We will provide speakers, headsets, and other equipment necessary for clear sound delivery.

Interpreting can make an event successful. At a large conference or in a small meeting, it is essential that everyone is understood. Consult with Strato Language Services to decide how many interpreters you need, which specialties they should have, and what method of interpretation is right for your event.

Also, we can discuss rental, set up, and operation of equipment to ensure that the sound is clear. Discuss with us your requirements prior to your conferences or meeting. We can design and scale services that are the right fit for your event.

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Strato Language Services is a multidisciplinary transcription and translations company that was founded and built on the premise of providing quality language solutions to a broad base of clients.

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