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Audio recordings faithfully transformed into written texts involves skill, care, quality control and reliable service delivered by professionals. Strato Language Services employs accurate typists well-versed in a variety of fields and seasoned editors who format an attractive, engaging text that accurately reflects the original recording.

Our transcription services have received high commendation and approval. We will consult with you to determine your specific needs and deliver the finished product to you promptly. Audio and video recordings can be submitted in a variety of formats. The printed material can also be produced in a format that is compatible with your needs.

Benefits of Transcription Services

Video and audio provide specific advantages in online marketing. Customers and visitors to your website seek options. Having an excellent podcast or an instruction video can be complemented with a printed version for those who prefer reading and may not have the time to listen to a recording or watch a video.

You can add value to a great talk or lecture by having it transcribed into ebook form and offer it as a promotion in exchange for an email subscription. Having a balance between video and audio and text can create an aesthetically pleasing website and communicates to your visitors at different levels. One person may prefer to watch a video on one visit and may wish to read a full-length article on another visit. Transcribing your videos provides options and variety to prospective customers.

Our Process

We begin the process by consulting with clients and determining precisely what needs to be done. We create a roadmap for completing the task with highly skilled typists who do not just hear the actual words but are familiar with the whole context. Strato Language Services employs typists who have specialties, such as typists who focus on the medical and legal fields.

Once the transcription has been done, our editors will check the copy to ensure it is flawless, will format it exactly according to specifications, and present it to the client. We can transcribe a large number of materials, including:

  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Medical transcription
  • Training Sessions

Create a written version of any audio or video recording with Strato Language Services.

A Variety of Industries

If you need transcription for the medical, legal, or financial industry, it is best to find transcription services with typists and editors who have experience and training in those industries. Typists who are accustomed to hearing certain terms are likely to hear them more accurately and transcribe them more efficiently. Editors well-versed in these industries will also make appropriate corrections.

Medical transcriptions can be created from consultations with specialists to have better access to special instructions. Strato Language Services also provides expert legal transcribers for copies of legal documents.

Quality Control

Strato Language Services uses the most skilled typists and editors who will ensure that the text is letter-perfect. We can not only transcribe but can translate the text into up to 500 languages so you can reach a wider audience. Our texts are perfectly formatted and are attractive documents for eBooks, promotional emails, or engaging web content.

We assure customer satisfaction with constant communication with our clients. We can transcribe a wide range of video and audio recordings and transform them into accurate and attractive texts. If there is something that needs to be fixed or improved, we will make adjustments promptly.

Strato Translation Services provides trustworthy transcription services of a variety of recordings serving many different industries. Our skilled, accurate typists and attentive editors produce masterful texts that reflect accurately your recordings. Our experts ensure that you will receive top-quality texts promptly and to your specifications.

About us

Strato Language Services is a multidisciplinary transcription and translations company that was founded and built on the premise of providing quality language solutions to a broad base of clients.

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